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Dr. Energy Saver is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Yorktown. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver's recent work requests in Yorktown and nearby areas!

Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Yorktown, VA
Vicinity of Marlbank Dr. in Yorktown
Comment: Service Attic Insulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Castellow Ct in Yorktown
I would like an estimate to encapsulate my attic with 6"+ of open cell spray foam insulation. I would also like a quote to spray the first floor rim board with 2"+ of closed cell spray foam, or 6"+ of open cell insulation. Please call ASAP to set up an appointment. 615-428-0515.
Vicinity of Virginia Lane in Yorktown
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Rosewood Lane in Yorktown
Not enough insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of Overlook Pt in Yorktown
Would like to get. a quote for 380sqft of blown insulation into the ceiling of the garage.
Vicinity of Militia Ct. in Yorktown
Would like crawl space inspected for mold, moisture concerns. Can smell mildew and ducts by floor registers have mildew and rust. Would like to know humidity level of crawl space and if it is being ventilated properly. Thanks.
Vicinity of Choptank Turn in Yorktown
We are redoing a bathroom, which is cold being in an outside corner. Our worry is that the waterlines go through the outside walls. This causes us to leave a portable heater running when the temperature gets below freezing. We would like to insulate between the pipes and outside wall to prevent freezing. There are other waterlines in outside walls. We also have some other problem areas. We would also like to insulate the attic above the bathroom, because we want to install a heated floor. We will be starting to remove the tiles and walls this week. The outside side is vinyl.
Vicinity of Allen Harris Dr in Yorktown
Adding a 16x30 Sunroom on our home. Would like to get a quote for spray insulation.
Vicinity of Nelson St in Yorktown
Garage Apartment - need R38 in ceiling
Vicinity of Autumn Way in Yorktown
Interested in an energy audit. We have a 2-story, 2800 sq ft Colonial built in 1988. I've sealed many air leaks, added insulation to attic, and sealed HVAC ducts. House has uneven temps. Read on your website you conduct inspections and blower door test. Do you also inspect with FLIR camera to document weak spots? What is the typical cost of the energy audit? Please email response.
Vicinity of Shorewood Trace in Yorktown
Insulating a 23x30 garage - 1st floor only
Vicinity of Lilburne Way in Yorktown
I want to have the fiberglass insulation from my crawl space replaced with two-part spray foam.
Vicinity of Chadds Circle in Yorktown
Need a quote on crawl space encapsulation. Sealing the vents, and replacing the crawl space door. Also installing a dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Richard Run in Yorktown
Need fiberglass insulation under sunroom replaced with spray foam
Vicinity of Franklin Road in Yorktown
Humidity in crawl space
Vicinity of Ambler St. in Yorktown
Home HVAC cannot keep up with the heat. I have the original paper wrapped ducts in my home built in 1972.
Vicinity of Estons Run in Yorktown
We've sold our home in Yorktown. The home inspector wrote up some insulation in the crawl space that needed repairing/replacing. Can you help? We're not looking for a complete insulation job, just enough to satisfy the buyers. Thanks!
Vicinity of Old Williamsburg Rd. in Yorktown
Vicinity of Galaxy Way in Yorktown
Looking for free estimate for spray foam insulation in attic
Vicinity of Piney Point Rd in Yorktown
Heating and cooling costs seem too high
Vicinity of Tries Trail in Yorktown
Want to ensure that my insulation is adequate
Vicinity of Lone Oak Drive in Yorktown
Moisture in crawlspace
Vicinity of Chris Slade Chase in Yorktown
Return Air Duct/heat pump issue in the Attic. Clogged pipe, flowed with heavy water in the return air duct which made the ceiling collapsed. Water is now drained, unit is off except for fan on. Tenants (Megan and Joshua Jenkins) are living in the house and we (Alan and Isabelle Miller) are the owners of the house. Thank you! Isabelle
Vicinity of Dandy Loop Rd in Yorktown
I have an older home built in 1974, with all original doors, windows, and insulation. The home was well built, but my electric bill this summer has been around $450/month for a 1950 sqft home. And it is hard to maintain the temperature in summer and winter.
Vicinity of Waterview Rd in Yorktown
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of Massie La in Yorktown
We're building a garage/apartment that is 30X50. Can the garage doors be sprayed with foam to insulate or should we buy doors pre-insulated. The dwelling is its beginning stages. The contractor includes bat type of insulation. We may want to upgrade. The lower story will need insulation in the walls since thats not in the contractors price. Thanks.
Vicinity of Belmont Circle in Yorktown
Need an estimate on determining why airflow is low from vent in upstairs bedroom
Vicinity of Tabb Lane in Yorktown
Interested in estimate for attic insulation.
Vicinity of Winder Rd in Yorktown
I would like to get the crawl space under my home encapsulated
Vicinity of West Woodland Dr in Yorktown
Cold weather drafts in new home.
Vicinity of Conway Ct in Yorktown
Moisture and mold in my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Peachtree Lane in Yorktown
Interested in energy/weatherization audit (air sealing & attic insulation upgrade) in coordination with planned HVAC replacement.
Vicinity of Henry Lee Ln in Yorktown
Looking for an estimate for crawl space encapsulation assuming that is the cause of our home humidity issues...
Vicinity of Freemans Trace in Yorktown
About 3 years ago had some water damage to the wall in closet. Had roof repairs done. Recently have noticed black spots on ceiling of closet.
Vicinity of Allens Mill Road in Yorktown
Crawl space insulation and moisture control.
Vicinity of Belvin Lane in Yorktown
Low, damp crawl. Would like to look at spray insulation to eliminate bat insulation and moisture, rodent, termite concerns with wood under house.
Vicinity of Quail Rd in Yorktown
I have bad air flow in my home some rooms do not get A/C.. the hvac guy stated it is my duct work
Vicinity of Frances Drive in Yorktown
Questions on return air sealing.
Vicinity of Larkin Run in Yorktown
I am interested in getting a quote for spray foam insulation inside my crawl space. I have approximately 1050 square feet.
Vicinity of Marlbank Dr in Yorktown
Looking for an estimate for attic and crawl space. Approx 2200 sf brick ranch.
Vicinity of Kicotan Turn in Yorktown
Would like an estimate on a dehumidifier for our crawl space.
Vicinity of Harrod Lane in Yorktown
House is 17 years old and crawl space requires upgrade.
Vicinity of Ascot Dr. in Yorktown
Losing heat and air conditioning, and any insulation issues. Is my home properly vented for ac/heat.
Vicinity of Winding Way in Yorktown
I am a contractor and need a quote for attic insulation in Yorktown.
Vicinity of Cattail Lane in Yorktown
Mold growth in bathroom and living room rug
Vicinity of Sheild Ln in Yorktown
Crawl space under the house. Partial missing and degraded insulation underneath..cold floors. 36' l by 26' w square ft. joists are approx 14 wide.
Vicinity of Bayberry Lane in Yorktown
Interested in pricing a new outbuilding on my property. It is a two level 12x16 barn shed.
Vicinity of Cub Court in Yorktown
Duct work under the house is definitely leaking. Primary leak is the connection right at the access. Believe that is the only leak, but it's significant.
Vicinity of Kanawah Run in Yorktown
Potential humidity damage in crawl space.
Vicinity of Monty Manor in Yorktown
Would like to get estimate on better insulation for attic.
Vicinity of Tuckahoe Trace in Yorktown
Requesting quote to replace insulation under home (crawl space) and install humudity sensor fans.
Vicinity of Hornbyville Road in Yorktown
Frost in the attic along the soffitts
Vicinity of Blacksmith Arch in Yorktown
Looking to encapsulate my crawl space and add a dehumidifier. Crawl space in general good shape but dont want to keep putting band aids on minor mold issues/moisture, etc.
Vicinity of Allen Harris Dr in Yorktown
Deteriorated vapor barrier and sagging insulation in crawl space.
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