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Dr. Energy Saver is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Newport News. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver's recent work requests in Newport News and nearby areas!

Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Newport News, VA
Vicinity of Hardwick Rd in Newport News
My house does not hold the heat or cooling very well.
Vicinity of Paddock Dr in Newport News
I have an attached garage with rooms above an wanted to see how much insulation for the garage would cost.
Vicinity of Lyon Drive in Newport News
Wanting to know if your company does retro spray foam installations on existing walls.
Vicinity of Keppel Drive in Newport News
Need some work on insulating attic and crawlspace encapulation.
Vicinity of Cale Cir in Newport News
I would like a proposal for sealing and insulating the attic of an addition to my home that I am building. I am serving as my own general contractor.
Vicinity of Highland Ct in Newport News
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of River Rd in Newport News
Comment: Service Attic/Crawl Space Insulation Source Facebook/Instagram **This Is A NO CHARGE Lead From BrandBlaster**
Vicinity of Fitzhugh Dr in Newport News
First winter in a new home and there are typical drafts. Wanted to get the home energy audit to see what else I have going on. I was hoping for an estimate on an audit and what services are provided during them. Thanks. Email is the best way to contact me.
Vicinity of Huxley Place in Newport News
Comment: Service Attic/Crawl Space Insulation Source Facebook/Instagram **This Is A NO CHARGE Lead From BrandBlaster**
Vicinity of Town Center Dr. in Newport News
Comment: Service Attic/Crawl Space Insulation Source Facebook/Instagram **This Is A NO CHARGE Lead From BrandBlaster**
Vicinity of Hermitage RD in Newport News
I'd like to have the old blown-in insulation removed in my attic. Is that something your company can do? The house is a small brick rancher. Thank you, Dennis
Vicinity of Eastnor Ct in Newport News
Recently bought house and had entire crawlspace redone with insulation and vapor barrier 3 years ago. Now the insulation is falling again because of moisture and there is pooling of water on top of the barrier.
Vicinity of Plymouth Circle in Newport News
We are having mold coming down from what looks to be the attic space in our closet.
Vicinity of in Newport News
Crawl space installation
Vicinity of Nurney Drive in Newport News
Need vapor barrier placed in crawl space of 1008 sq. ft home that was built in 1964.
Vicinity of Terri Beth Place in Newport News
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of in Newport News
I am looking to have the attic of a duplex insulated - looking for an estimate for the services and the options that your company provides.
Vicinity of Marshall Avenue in Newport News
Live in Newport News Va and want the underneath of my home to be clean with a barrier and insulation done so it's a clean open space. Want to get my house fixed and done right for the future. Thanks
Vicinity of Costigan Dr Nn Va in Newport News
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Hilton Blvd in Newport News
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of Jack's Place in Newport News
Attic insulation, attic mounted air conditioning unit efficiency and duct sealing
Vicinity of Belmont Road in Newport News
My attic gets hot and it has outdated insulation, can't cool my house below 75 when it is 78 outside. yikes. one story 3 bed 1 bath brick rancher. roughly 1100 sq ft of attic
Vicinity of Lewallen Dr. in Newport News
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of in Newport News
Wanting estimate/s for spray foam insulation for attic and vaulted ceiling
Vicinity of Knollwood Dr in Newport News
Crawl space
Vicinity of Tiffany Lane in Newport News
Second floor is very warm in summer and cool in the winter. Insulation seems to old.
Vicinity of View Pointe Dr in Newport News
Inspector said no lining in crawlspace, bad/damp insulation, not vents closed up, and slight mildew buildup.
Vicinity of Keswick Circle in Newport News
Damp crawl space. Bare soil in spaces. Some mold on floor joists. Need moisture controlled in crawl space.
Vicinity of Chanco Dr in Newport News
I need insulation in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Hollymeade Cir in Newport News
Corner room bathroom pipelines freeze during freezing temps. No other pipes freezes in the house.
Vicinity of Sedgefield Dr in Newport News
I have an old house, and a lot of areas of it is not insulated. Also there was an addition put on to the house, and back there there is no Insulation at all. We have only lived here for a little more than a year, and have noticed the need to get the installation taking care of soon. Right now, I really just need to get an idea of how much this will all cost.
Vicinity of Bernard Drive in Newport News
Install new insulation and moisture barrier. Wondering if you guys install the ATMOX controlled ventilation system? Thanks
Vicinity of Lexington Circle in Newport News
Want an estimate on insulation and crawl space encapsulated along with information on whatbis done
Vicinity of Huxley Place in Newport News
Insulation under house
Vicinity of Cascade Dr in Newport News
Just want to know estimated crawl space installation how it cost
Vicinity of Marshall Ave in Newport News
I would like to get an estimate on how much it would cost to insulate my home.
Vicinity of Madison Lane, North in Newport News
Crawl space needs work. Insulation, moisture control
Vicinity of Blount Point Road in Newport News
Vicinity of Mattmoore PL in Newport News
Cold air is coming inside the house near external wall.
Vicinity of Lisa Dr. in Newport News
Currently have fiberglass insulation in crawl space. Home is 32 years old - would like a cleaner better insulated crawl space.
Vicinity of Colberts Ln in Newport News
Older home than needs insulation and crawl space work to help keep heat and AC inside the house
Vicinity of Palmerton Drive in Newport News
Every winter, I struggle to keep the downstairs of my townhouse warm. I was encouraged to get an energy audit to see what the reasons may be.
Vicinity of LINDA DR in Newport News
Would like to speak to someone about insulating my attic
Vicinity of Nantucket Place in Newport News
My home is very drafty even on 72. But this electric bill can't keep being this high so now it is on 67 but very uncomfortablr. Having issues sleeping
Vicinity of Madison Avenue in Newport News
Looking for attic insulation removal and replacement. Low attic and evidence of past squirrels.
Vicinity of Spaulding Dr in Newport News
Looking for estimate for attic insulation (leaning toward cellulose but would like to hear about options).
Vicinity of Kerry Lake Dr. in Newport News
Need blown in attic isulation
Vicinity of Deep Creek Rd in Newport News
60 year old house with sub part attic insulation. Recent rodent infestation has led us to look for professional assistance with removing & replacing attic insulation
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave in Newport News
We have duct leaks due to the system not being properly insulated at installation resulting in water intrusion in apartments
Vicinity of Woodroof Road in Newport News
Own older home(1957) - Wood siding and brick facade. No wall insulation. Do have blown attic insulation but has settled.
Vicinity of Parker Ave in Newport News
New AC/Gas heat unit was installed two years ago. Unable to keep up during hot days or very cold days. I feel like it runs far too often. I would like to see what options I have to help reduce the strain on the system and keep the temperature more stable in my home. Only about 1000sqft on a crawlspace. There is existing asbestos on the old radiator pipes below the house that are no longer used. boiler and oil tank were removed shortly after I switched to a gas water heater.
Vicinity of Barclay Rd in Newport News
I have an A/C duct that is condensing & dripping water. I have cut away the damaged ceiling drywall; as well as the drywall enclosing the condensing duct. I would like to have the duct and its space insulated.
Vicinity of in Newport News
Summer rain last year created a moist mildew situation in the house
Vicinity of White Oak Drive in Newport News
Looking into getting insulation installed.
Vicinity of King Forest Lane in Newport News
I have some (if not all) crawl space insulation that need to be replaced.
Vicinity of in Newport News
Vicinity of Anne Burras La in Newport News
I have a 2400 sqft brick on stud wall 2 story colonial house. Would like an estimate for insulating the walls. best, Keith Loftin
Vicinity of Belvedere Dr in Newport News
Attack insulation
Vicinity of Graham Dr in Newport News
Floors are cold. Looking for an estimate on insulation and vapor barrier for approx 1800sq ft vented crawl space.
Vicinity of Longwood Drive in Newport News
I need crawlspace insulation removed and replaced with new. New vapor barrier on floor and antimicrobial sprayed on all wood surfaces.
Vicinity of South Ave in Newport News
Need insulation and moisture barrier installed under flooring in crawlspace. Approx. 1300 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Iris Lane in Newport News
Would like to identify areas where we can modify to increase energy-saving. One of our concerns is the attic.
Vicinity of Adams Dr in Newport News
I just bought a split level house built in 1960. It is brick lower and siding on 2nd floor only. While removing drywall in up and down baths as well as kitchen I see NO INSULATION at all in the walls. I would like a quote on having my wall cavities blown in with insulation. Thank you DAN
Vicinity of Bellwood Road in Newport News
We are selling our house and the buyer's home inspection noted visible signs of water intrusion in our crawl space. Would like an estimate on addressing the issue.
Vicinity of Mistletoe Drive in Newport News
Upgrade attic insulation.
Vicinity of North Willow |Court in Newport News
We have a mobile home and as it has aged the insulation and vaport barrier have sagged and came lose and fail to provide proper insulation in winter and summer. I plan on having new duct work installed in September and would like new insulation and Vapor barrier installed, keeping in mind that pipes will ne to be accessed in the event of leaks.
Vicinity of Burnham Place in Newport News
1957 rancher with little insulation in the attic we want to add more insulation to existing insulation.
Vicinity of Gunby Rd in Newport News
Would like to get a free estimate on getting our attic insulated. We are losing a lot of cool air in some parts of our house and our air condition runs 24/7 trying to reach the desired temp.
Vicinity of Prestwick Lane in Newport News
Need air sealing and more attic insulation
Vicinity of TERRI BETH PL in Newport News
Need a moisture barrier in my crawl space.
Vicinity of in Newport News
I need to get a quote for the cost to reinsulate the ductwork beneath my house. The current insulation is falling apart due to age and condensation.
Vicinity of Phillips Ln in Newport News
I would like to get an estimate for insulating a crawl space with spray foam. Thanks.
Vicinity of Beech Dr in Newport News
Vicinity of Garnett Cir in Newport News
We would like our crawl space re insulated. It currently has regular insulation that is falling apart. We want spray insulation.
Vicinity of Old Bridge Ct. in Newport News
Bring my electric bill for my house.
Vicinity of Denbigh Blvd in Newport News
Would like estimate of spray insulation in basement ceiling
Vicinity of Congress St in Newport News
Our home energy bills have been consistently high and would like to get to the bottom as to why that is.
Vicinity of Princess Margaret Drive in Newport News
I'm an interested in insulation for my garage and attic
Vicinity of St.stephens Dr in Newport News
House has carpeting but can feel cold thru socks. There is a crawl space.Also attic may need insulation
Vicinity of Hampton Ave in Newport News
I may have black mold in my house was built in the 1970's . Habitat did some minor work on the out side, but did not check the inside at all
Vicinity of Edgemoor Dr. in Newport News
I have a built on site 14x28 barn with a small 2nd floor. I want it insulated.
Vicinity of Warren Dr in Newport News
Want to improve the energy efficiency of my property in order to lower heating and cooling bills.
Vicinity of Elder Road in Newport News
Electric bills keeps growing. A/c always running and doesn't cool all rooms. Attic super hot with eve fan
Vicinity of Filson Ct in Newport News
Crawl space moisture control
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave in Newport News
Looking for insulating roughly 12000 sq feet of metal deck
Vicinity of North Avenue in Newport News
Price on having either closed cell or cellulose sprayed into the exterior walls of a small one story home. vinyl siding can be removed and replaced by the owner allowing complete access to the walls from the outside.
Vicinity of Colony Road in Newport News
Need in attic and under floors maybe
Vicinity of Winthrope Dr in Newport News
Our kitchen pipes have been frozen all week due to them being in an exterior non insulated wall. Also one of the non insulated walls in our living room let's in a very cold Draft and our downstairs refuses to get warm. Looking for information and a quote on spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Hahn Place in Newport News
Brand new ac/furnace runs almost constantly and the house I live in wa built in 1964. Very few if any energy saving items in the house... Just put r38 insulation in the attic as well.. Need to see about properly venting the attic it's gets blazing hot in the summer and cold in winter so ac stays on constantly. Trying to see about properly venting attic and other energy saving ideas . Thanks
Vicinity of Pinckney Court in Newport News
We are looking to replace/upgrade/add bascially the blown insulation in our attic. We have a lot of loss through our attic since it seems we don't have enough or proper insulation and we have trying to do things little by little since we bought the house a little over 3 years ago. Can you help provide how you charge and general price range. If you email me that would be great just to get an idea. We would like to get in touch but to have something to look at to make sure we can even do at all right now would be nice. Thank you very much.
Vicinity of Madison Avenue in Newport News
I would like to have my home checked for air leaks, my new hvac system struggles to heat and cool my home in extreme weather. I would prefer to be contacted by email, and my availability is on Wednesdays and Thursdays to assess the home. Thank you
Vicinity of Central Pkwy in Newport News
Is the home energy audit free? We know our house is operating inefficiently. Our aging oil furnace heats up the garage (where it's located) which doesn't seem right. We're burning through oil (over 100 gallons per month) despite keeping the thermostat around 60 degrees. The kitchen stays ice cold though the baseboard heats seem to work. Some of the floors feel freezing cold. We'd love to have someone in to talk about what we can do to make the house more energy efficient. We'd also like an estimate for converting the oil furnace to natural gas. There is already a natural gas line to the house.
Vicinity of Cale Circle in Newport News
I'm not interested in a full encapsulation of the crawl space since my current termite/moisture company says that moisture isn't an issue. However, our crawlspace is a mess. Insulation falling down, duct work on the ground, vapor barrier appears to be very old and worthless, etc. I'm interested in having the vapor barrier replaced, insulation replaced as needed and possibly having the duct work repaired as needed.
Vicinity of Pear Ave. in Newport News
I am a property manager and one of my owner's would like to get an estimate on adding insulation for the attic, floor, and duct work. Please contact me to schedule an appointment to visit the property and estimate.
Vicinity of Mill Run Court in Newport News
Attic Insulation
Vicinity of Crossbow Ct in Newport News
Spray foam crawl space and area above garage and deck.
Vicinity of Lyncburg Drive in Newport News
Would like a basic quote on encapsulation of a crawlspace and the services you provide. I have about 1200 sq feet of crawl
Vicinity of Campbell Rd in Newport News
There is black mold growing on the ceiling of my bathroom and on the walls of the bathroom closet
Vicinity of Briar Patch Pl in Newport News
Looking for an estimate to replace existing ductwork in a 1900 sqft single floor home.
Vicinity of Tuckahoe Dr in Newport News
I own this rental property which was built in 1960 and has the original insulation in the attic. I've been thinking about reinsulating the attic and would like an estimate. It is a 1300 sq ft brick ranger in the Hiddenwood area.
Vicinity of Plainfield Dr in Newport News
Would like an estimate for encapsulation of crawl space.
Vicinity of Oakleaf Court in Newport News
Needing insulation inside exterior walls
Vicinity of Angelo Dr in Newport News
Need to have additional fiberglass insulation blown into attic to increase R value and correct a problem to knee wall insulation.
Vicinity of Troy Dr in Newport News
Im tried to put insulating in a house fron upside
Vicinity of in Newport News
Renovating an old home - want to know the best route to take for insulating attic
Vicinity of Bellmeade in Newport News
Looking for estimate
Vicinity of in Newport News
I live in an older home that needs to insulated properly. I would like information on this form of insulation along with cost.
Vicinity of Rhoda Dr in Newport News
Draft coming from beneath carpet out of baseboards, wall insulation and attic insulation inspection and air seal estimate
Vicinity of Ivy Ave in Newport News
House stays very cold lots of drafts behind cabinets none of house has insulation want a option with out gutting house..tenants do live in property
Vicinity of Ventura Way in Newport News
Heating/ac loss
Vicinity of Hollymeade Circle in Newport News
Need quote on full insulation install ( except garage ) for 1014 Hollymeade after Chinese Drywall Remediation. Thanks, Mike
Vicinity of Jouett Drive in Newport News
Would like a price to insulate under house.
Vicinity of Hopkins St. in Newport News
We would like to insulate our crawl space.
Vicinity of Warwick Blvd in Newport News
Old commercial building needing addn insulation
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