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Dr. Energy Saver is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Hampton. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver's recent work requests in Hampton and nearby areas!

Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Hampton, VA
Vicinity of Aspenwood Drive in Hampton
Would like to get my attic done with close cell insulation and seal the vapor barrier under crawl space
Vicinity of S Hampton St in Hampton
Attic cleaned out of old insulation new added
Vicinity of Ponderosa Dr in Hampton
My attic is not ventilating properly nor is it insulated, we have mice that keep getting in, need expert help!
Vicinity of Castle Haven Rd in Hampton
Uneven cold/hot area of house.
Vicinity of Quaker Rd in Hampton
Bought a house and craw space has no insulation in the floor. 2 by 8 joists. 24 by 24
Vicinity of OLD BUCKROE RD in Hampton
Vicinity of Winfree Road in Hampton
Looking to get an estimate of removing current insulation in attic and getting reinsulated.
Vicinity of Willow Oaks Blvd in Hampton
I have a 1900 sq ft ranch in Hampton built in 1967. Looking for recommendation and estimate to do attic insulation upgrade.
Vicinity of Chippendale Ct in Hampton
I have hot spots throughout my house and my loving room is significantly warmer than the rest of my house.
Vicinity of Copeland Dr in Hampton
I need about 5k sq ft of warehouse tin roof to be insulated. Need to cut down on summer temps. Thanks
Vicinity of Omera Pl in Hampton
Blow in insulation installation in my attic.
Vicinity of Marsh Loop in Hampton
Our electric bill Has been 500 dollars this past billing cycle and 266 the prior billing cycle and when we asked the neighbors of their electricity cost they told us that they pay no more than 120 a month. Upon contacting dominion they informed us that their may be a problem with either the hvac system or the hot water heater system. We were hoping that you all could pin point the issue.
Vicinity of Chesapeake Ave in Hampton
Quote for basement wall seal
Vicinity of Claremont Ave in Hampton
Crawl space barrier installation
Vicinity of Fort Worth St in Hampton
Vicinity of Ambler Court Hampton Virginia in Hampton
Comment: Service Attic/Crawl Space Insulation Source Facebook/Instagram **This Is A NO CHARGE Lead From BrandBlaster**
Vicinity of Revere Drive in Hampton
Comment: Service Attic/Crawl Space Insulation Source Facebook/Instagram **This Is A NO CHARGE Lead From BrandBlaster**
Vicinity of Aspenwood Drive in Hampton
Wanted to get idea on cost to spray form attic and remove the fiberglass blown cotton
Vicinity of Aspenwood Drive in Hampton
Would like to know about spray foam attic insulation verses blown fiberglass insulation
Vicinity of Old Buckroe Rd in Hampton
Renovating an older home in Hampton, VA. I would like to change energy system. Two story. Good sun, etc.
Vicinity of Timberline Dr in Hampton
We've recently purchased our home and we're concerned with the possible water damage in the attic. We would like to get an estimate on repairs/reinsulation.
Vicinity of Sunnyside Drive in Hampton
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Whealton Road in Hampton
Vicinity of Redheart Dr in Hampton
No insulation in crawl space
Vicinity of Long Bridge Rd in Hampton
Would like to get estimate on air sealing and re-insulating my attic.
Vicinity of Bayhaven Drive in Hampton
Standing water in crawlspace causing smell in house and moisture and mold in crawlspace
Vicinity of Cornelius Dr. in Hampton
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Rawood Drive in Hampton
House not cooling well and not heating good
Vicinity of Adams Circle in Hampton
Trouble with adequately heating and cooling home.
Vicinity of Orcutt Ave in Hampton
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Greenbriar Ave in Hampton
Converted garage does not have insulation.
Vicinity of Aspenwood Drive in Hampton
Would like to put spray foam (open cell) 6 inches in my ceiling on porch and also under porch Porch size (12x 14) is very small so not a Big Job
Vicinity of Raleigh Ave in Hampton
We are purchasing 1938 home and are interested in spray foam quote for attic and crawl space. I want to budget our many projects so we can get as much of our to-do list done quickly. I'd like an appointment July 6th either at 11 am or anytime after 2:30 pm.
Vicinity of Cannonball Circle in Hampton
Duck work doesn't stay attached to air vents, bathroom etc, can't run bathroom vents to help with moisture & condensation.
Vicinity of Old Meribeth Road in Hampton
Need insulation in attic.
Vicinity of Bowen Dr in Hampton
Looking for a quote for insulating my attic space. House is approximately 1001 square feet.
Vicinity of N King St in Hampton
Probably have flaws
Vicinity of Rawood Drive in Hampton
PLEASE EMAIL or TEXT. I'm deaf. I communicate by lip reading. We are looking to have our attics insulated. One attic has no insulation in it. The other attic has very minimal, old insulation that needs to be removed, baffles installed and insulation put in.
Vicinity of King Kove Lane in Hampton
What is your cost per square foot 1", 2" and 3" thick for closed cell foam? What is your minimum dollar amount required per trip? Thanks
Vicinity of N Mallory St in Hampton
We have an older home new the water that is incredibly humid. We know we are losing energy and have leaks that need to be addressed, but are not sure where to start.
Vicinity of Monitor Drive in Hampton
Want crawlspace insulation
Vicinity of LOCUST Ave in Hampton
Crawl space needs insulation
Vicinity of Northcutt Dr. in Hampton
Vicinity of E HOWARD ST in Hampton
I have a hard to access (for me) crawl space, and the critters have gotten into the duct work which feeds the first floor vents. My cat was able to come up through one of those ducts into the house. I need a diagnosis of the ducts (primarily), as well as the state of the crawl space. You should call after 1pm, since I have previous business before noon today. Other days- T, TH, F, SA-I'll be available 830am-530pm
Vicinity of Red Robin Turn in Hampton
Smell of mold & mildew.
Vicinity of West Riverpoint Drive in Hampton
We currently are having a moisture problem in our crawl space.
Vicinity of Ridgeway Ave in Hampton
I am interested in getting my crawl space spray foam insulated and potentially getting my walls insulated as well depending on cost. I know that I am losing cold air in the summers and I would like to prevent that from happening as much as possible depending on the cost.
Vicinity of Riversedge Dr in Hampton
Our electric bills are running us way too high
Vicinity of Kinsmen Way in Hampton
Removal and replace insulation.
Vicinity of Mapelwood in Hampton
I need to get my attic and crawl space insulated.
Vicinity of Hurst in Hampton
Can you do two-part foam in the attic of a sloped roof?
Vicinity of Gibson Rd in Hampton
I want my Attic sealed.
Vicinity of Lodi Ct in Hampton
Good evening my husband and I are interested in a quote for our attic. I can be reached at . Do you send someone out to the home if so could it be in the evening or a Sat?
Vicinity of Agecroft Court in Hampton
I need a crawlspace cover, size 31 x 24 inches, preferable PVC, but if not, then metal. Please let me know the cost if you have this product. Thanks
Vicinity of in Hampton
With the extended cold that we have been having our mobile home has been feeling extremely drafty and in turn we have had to have our heater on for about 11 hours a day the last few days. I am interested in getting a blower test conducted on my home with a free estimate on sealing and and all cracks in the home.
Vicinity of Roads View Avenue in Hampton
We need to get our crawl space sealed too much cold air on the first floor in the winter.
Vicinity of Fox Hill Road in Hampton
Moister control 1150 ft
Vicinity of Victoria Blvd. in Hampton
Just purchased an older home as a fixer upper and the insulation seems to be lacking. I would be interested in an estimate on how to improve efficiency so that I can make plans on what to consider doing. Thank you.
Vicinity of Grimes in Hampton
I have mole in my master bedroom closet that spread on my carpet i think it a plumbing leak that caused it but I'm not to sure.
Vicinity of King Kove Lane in Hampton
I would like to talk to someone about closed cell spray foam options. I will be remodeling my master bedroom soon and will be replacing all sheet rock and possibly like to spray foam attic if it is worth doing.
Vicinity of Clemwood Pkwy in Hampton
Attic needs to be reinsulated.
Vicinity of Fort Worth St. in Hampton
Duct work needs to be repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of Sothall Lndg in Hampton
Moisture issues in my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Elmwood Lane in Hampton
Moisture in the crawl space
Vicinity of Raymond Dr in Hampton
Insufficient insulation
Vicinity of Bickfield Drive in Hampton
My guest bathroom shower water lines freeze each winter when we have a lengthy cold spells, and I'm looking for a solution to insulate the exterior walls in the bathroom to reduce the chance that the lines will freeze again. The bathroom was recently renovated, so a spray-in solution is desired.
Vicinity of W Cummings Ave in Hampton
Not having proper insulation in attic or crawl space. Water pipes keep freezing and house can not even get up to temperature set for heat.
Vicinity of Cherokee Road in Hampton
Drafty house. Oil heat is costing a fortune. Second level stays warm where first level stays cold.
Vicinity of Wythe Parkway in Hampton
I recently purchased a house. During the re-inspection of the crawl space for moisture/termite damage it was noted that there may have been some recent animal related damage to some of the duct work that occured after my home inspection. I have noticed that a few of the vents on the floor of the house do not seem to have air flow. I am concerned that it is due to the possible damage to the ducts. I would like an estimate for needed repairs.
Vicinity of Janet Drive in Hampton
Vicinity of Janet Drive in Hampton
Prepared to upgrade our HVAC package unit and plan to have the cost incorporated into our home refinance and the mortgage company needs a report showing our potential savings for upgrading our unit.
Vicinity of Atlantic Avenue in Hampton
I have cinder block on the front half of my house and wanted to know if you can fill existing walls? If you can call me and let me know, it would be nice. They do it in Ireland and I wanted to know if you do that here. Than you!
Vicinity of Sharpley in Hampton
Noticed mold in bathroom.2 of 4 children have asthma and one has a severe case that I feel is due to the mold.but don't know where else it could be.and I'm also pregnant.another child stays with cold symptoms often.
Vicinity of Hull Drive in Hampton
Need to better insulate my home.
Vicinity of E. Pembroke Ave. in Hampton
We are looking into having our PEX piping insulated under our house to prevent pipes bursting.
Vicinity of Locust Ave in Hampton
Insulation replacement and additions to crawl space as well as upstairs between the roof and rooms.
Vicinity of TEACH Street in Hampton
I need to have my duct work under my hose inspected.
Vicinity of Downing Street in Hampton
Air conditioning system cooling under the house and not the house. Seems like the under the house ducts are leaking.
Vicinity of Azalea Dr in Hampton
We have leaky ducts. Need a quote to have them sealed.
Vicinity of W.lewis Rd in Hampton
I need my attic spray foam insulated.
Vicinity of Prestwick Way in Hampton
I have a partially vented crawlspace and have had previous issues with fungus that have been treated in the past. Furthermore my house has been treated for wood-boring pests as well, not to mention the majority of the exposed beams hold a higher moisture content than is nominal. Naturally I have had estimates in the past, but they were incredibly high in cost. I am looking for a fair price for a fair amount of work. Google brought me to you :-)
Vicinity of Maple Ave. in Hampton
Residential rehab. I want to insulate old walls
Vicinity of Ruth Circle in Hampton
Duct-work located in crawl space of my home needs repair.
Vicinity of Tallyho Turn in Hampton
We want to evaluate the efficiency of our home to help in planning of renovations.
Vicinity of Blair Ave in Hampton
Looking for cost estimate to spray foam attic ceiling in home we just purchased.
Vicinity of Braddock Rd. in Hampton
Spray foam floor in crawl space, blow in insulation in walls, and possibly radiant heat barrier.
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